Music Row Coach Community

Private Space For Members.

Why Does Music Row Coach Exist?

We are here to mentor you. We hold nothing back. We do this so that you can save the time, pain, frustration, confusion, and financial drain that so many experience as they take a decade to start getting closer to their goal. We want to save you years, dollars, and wasted time.

What Can It Do For You?


You’ll have access to in-depth video classes, group workshops, and personalized support and accountability from a positive community and loving mentors. Your vision, voice, and goals are heard here.

How Do We Accomplish This?

Mentorship that is personalized to you. New video lessons every week. Exclusive workshops and live Q&A’s with industry leaders every month. New in-depth learning, combined with the real driving factor… the Music Row Coach Community, where you will find support, accountability, positivity, experienced wisdom of what’s working, and a family that is here to help you define and achieve your goals.

Who Is This For?

Artists, Songwriters, Musicians, and Music Industry Professionals.

How Do You Access The Community?

Only active Music Row Coach Members can access the MRC Community.

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